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WOOL: dry cleaning.
COTTON/DENIM jeans: machine wash cold water, turned inside out for dark blue denim.
CORDUROY: machine wash cold water 30°c; iron inside out.


All suits are to be dry cleaned; however, since we only use natural fibres, if the suit is hanged out in fresh air, it will cleanse itself out as wool has a tendency to expel dirt and impurities when left out to ‘breath’. Garments are sent carefully folded but the emphasis is on making the parcel as small as possible so that the customer pays as little shipping costs as possible. This means suits will be creased upon arrival but if left hanging for a few days, it will iron itself out. This is sign of tru quality fabric.


All shirts are pure cotton thus machine wash in cold water for the more colourful or the dark shirts, whilst warm water for the lighter shirts. Do not use very hot iron to press dark colour shirts.


Both cotton or wool can be either hand or machine washed in cold water. DO NOT TUMBLE DRY, DO NOT LEAVE SOAKING. For drying, we recommend you lay it out on thick towel and do not hang to dry as this will result in it being stretched. Again, wool is an excellent self-cleaner and thus after heavy use leave it out in fresh air.


Dry clean – see suits.


Machine wash in cold water, best ironed inside out.

A word of advise: a word of advise: most of our clothes are slim fitting, and using quality fabrics means we do not use synthetic or elasticated fabrics. You are therefore automatically choosing style and cut over practicality. Please wear with care.

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