DNA Manifattura


Dna was born as a vintage clothes shop in 1993 in Vicenza, Italy, and when I took over 3 years later I added my personal touches of styles I had always been into as an Internationalist: 1960s American Ivy League, British traditional tailoring and Italian cool. I soon started designing clothes which I found hard to find in the ready-to-wear market,  quality made garments  with stylish designs no body else had or offered. I was an Individualist, not interested in fashion but rather it was ‘Style’ that I went for,  with a distinctive ‘Look’.

After all these years I am still here doing exactly what I was doing when I first started off: designing clothes I am passionate about and that I personally wear. A mix of mid and early 20th Century styles – not replicas –  a look that can nonchalantly be worn today by the Gentleman that looks for clothes with a Soul and made with ethics and a social conscience. I work with local artesans, small family businesses with whom I have created long lasting friendships.

Here I design, I choose the fabrics, I meet with the makers, I do the advertisements, I take the pictures and I even do the modeling. I’m a proud one man brand offering only what I would have in my own wardrobe. This is a personal relationship that I create with each and every customer.

Here there is no ‘we’, this is just me and my brand.


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