DNA Manifattura

Measurements and alterations


Take chest measurements under armpits, above the nipple. Tape measure should not be pulled too tight but tught enough to sit by itself.



SEAT01 & SEAT02 & SEAT03

The hips or SEAT is taken around and over widest part of buttocks, which is usually on the lower end of the front zipper.




Trouser rise is taken from bottom crotch seam up along the zipper to end of waist band.




This is taken 4”/10cm under the crotch seam and thus is NOT the widest part of thigh.




On all trousers there is approximatly 2”/5cm of extra fabric along the top back of the waist band. You will notice that there is a seam at this point thus easily allowing for tailor to take in or let out excess fabric, gaining or losing approx 1.5”/4cm total at waist.




This is taken from shoulder seam of the DNA suit down to end of cuff. You can take this measurement from your shoulder bone, where shouder tips downward toward arm, down to end of cuff. DNA suits have a slimmer, higher shoulder line than most suits therefor it is useless you take sleeve length of other suits as they may have wider shoulders. Where specified, sleeve is measured from side of neck seam along the top shoulder seam and over the sleeve head down to the sleeve cuff.




As above. Please always check the sleeve length specified on the size description for each item.




All our suits have working cuffs and this means all cuffs can be done up. However it is standard procedure to keep these stitched up until the customer has tried the suit on and the sleeve does not need altering. Once the seam is cut open the sleeve cannot be taken in or let out. Although the ideal way to alter suit sleeves would be undoing the sleeve at shoulder and work on it there, this is a very hard task involving a talanted tailor and will be costly. If the necessary alteration is max 1”/2.8cm then working on the cuff length from the end of the cuff is much easier, quicker, cost effective and overall doesn’t affect the final outcome. A seam cutter is prefered for the job as seen on the picture (widely available on the market) or alternatively a small, sharp pair of scissors. This can also be used to cut open all pockets which are also presented stitched up as it makes final ironing much easier.

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