MTM: Passito

730,00 inc. Vat

The Passito is what I started with in 2002, the classic 3 button side vented, jetted pocket with ticket pocket, 60’s inspired suit for the Modernist who is looking for the classics. Buttons are real coruzo but for an extra fee can be cloth covered. Side vented and fully lined, as with all my coats, this is half canvassed, and usual trouser paired with this is my Stefano trouser (but this can be of course changed to fit customers style),  made to order and made to measure in Italy and may take up to 3 months. Price is for 2 piece suit: coat and trousers.   Choose fabrics from the FABRICS section of the website at the bottom of every page. Some fabric will cost slightly more as they are more expensive, or have a check pattern which costs more to produce as the patterns need to match. So price  shown is a starting price.

730,00 inc. Vat
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