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Sockless: Italian-American


Let’s Talk.

Ivy style has been on the crest of the fashion wave for some time now and so I am not going to ramble on about it as there is so much out there, from documentaries to comics to blogs and endless more. I however will be giving my 2 pence worth re the sockless look, so loved and loathed by many.
Often it is associated with the ‘Italian look’, think Pitti Boys posing for the 3 day masses to come and picture away, or the old Italian ‘nonno’ in cream trousers, sky blue linen long sleeve shirt , sockless with a pair of black loafers. Italy, with its natural stylish men and its hot summer weather, would be a natural hot-spot for the sockless look, after all why opt for socks when you go comando with its tradition of quality leather loafers (essential to remain comfortable). However, equally as stylish US campus youths living say in Southern California (not IVY land, I know) or even in the hot and humid (brief) summers of the North East, would be dawning ‘the look’ as seen in this picture. I mean, what’s more summer-cool than a madras plaid jacket, or navy blazer, white de-Nimes and penny loafers – sockless? Nothing. This is as cool as it gets for a 20 yrs old US  kid in my books. Most of those mocs were well made and all leather thus comfort would be a given.

So next time you pull off the sockless look, think Italian – but don’t forget Ivy.

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