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In todays times of Style and Fashion,  everything is available at the tip of your thumbs navigating incessantly on a smart phone to buy all sorts of sartorial goodies. One thing you cannot buy is hair (well, technically you could buy that too). For those who are approaching and empty head, shaving it all off is probably the right option, and a very in vogue look it is too. However, for those who have a a ‘full house’, do not let it go to waste and I suggest you treat it as an accessory to your Style. After all, if you make an effort to personalise  your look, why fall short and wear a standard haircut (same thing goes for eye wear, that’s for another Let’s Talk session)?




I quite don’t understand the Gentleman that goes the extra mile to look good, take up a certain look and style, or go for a specific period in the style time-machine, but then hinders all the effort by not accompanying the look with appropriate hair cut. Again, this would be different if you didn’t have hair to style, a perfectly bald head is a good look in my books and also makes a statement. But if you have the hair, but no personality to match, then you might as well not make the effort to get dressed. I find these Gents (and often enough different cultures and nationalities) are either too Conservative to top a certain look off with an all out styling of the Barnet, or too shy or unsure. This is of course a personal choice which I certainly respect, but often enough the clash between a fully kitted outfit and the hair style which does not match, can be a dissappointment.   In certain countries especially (Italy in primis), men would dress the part but then decide to go with a very plain, safe, modern hair cut. This would thus look incomplete or off.




Be it 30s pre-war, 40s Teddy boy, 50s rockin, 60s mod, up to skinhead and suede head, style often does not look complete if the Barnet is not  appropriatly matched. I personally think it’s a shame as I rate the hair style equally important as the rest of your outfit. But then again, I’ve always  been comfortable with not playing it safe. So I urge you, take that final step and complete the Look that you so invest in!


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