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‘The Block’  is the coolest and most obscure dance that came out of the basements of Soho in the early part of the 60’s, where teenagers would be dancing to fast paced Rhythm and Blues whilst high (or ‘Blocked’ in slang) on Anfetamine pills. Dances were all the rage back then, and The Block was one of the many.  This is taken from a picture of the time, so is not one to come out from my own bolts. Drawn by the excellent and talented @daveguccionevisual (who is also a mean Jazz guitarist), printed on 185grm smooth cotton made in Portugal on a tee shirt which I personally designed. They are a slim (but not tight) fit, the thin trimming on collar and cuff, a longer sleeve, a shorter body and a 3″ side split is what makes my tee shirts extra special and stand out from the rest. The designs are exclusive to DNA and the print is in vinyl and each tee is printed individually here by me. Usually will take 24hrs to dispatch. Burgundy red, navy blue and white tee shirts available. Machine wash cold with little to no shrinkage, reverse-iron the print. Print colours may vary slightly to the actual thing.

30,00 inc. Vat
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