160,00 inc. Vat

Burnt orange midweight extrafine wool with dark brown faux-suede contrast stripes and pocket; this is the first of a series of knitted cardigans and tops with added moc-suede inserts, made famous world wide both in 1970s by Jamaican immigrant ‘rude-boys’ strutting the streets of British concrete jungles, and by Italian gangsters of the 60’s and 70’s hustling the streets of large North American cities, often epitomised by Holywood films.  This is an overall slim and stright cut, big DNA collar, real natural coruzo buttons, the wool is midweight 12 gauge extrafine merino from Italy, in a tightly woven knit making it a suitable substitute for a jacket or simply as an overcoat. Made in Spain in 50 pieces total, once they are sold that is it.

160,00 inc. Vat
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