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What’s Claudio Wearing

Blues and beige, easy to pair; layering shirts for the mid-season is a great way to go. Here, check it out

Style Tip




Contrasting patterns and how to make them match. It’s all about proportions. Listen here …

What’s Claudio Wearing

Camo’s worn with the Girona chambray and the Penedes shetland cardigan … and a helpful tip that some may not know about…….


What’s Claudio Wearing

Canvas trainers with tailored trousers- a question of the right garments, and attitude


What’s Claudio Wearing

Heavy duty guns coming out for cold chilly days like this. Penedes shetland cardigan and McGee tweed Fernando trousers keeping lil old me warm, with Picasso Oxblood brogues and wool Piazza flat cap on the top there. Winter gonna be just fine !






What’s Claudio Mumbling Now

Sorry I had to go, don’t you know I ain’t right, up tight with my long sight and my big trap, rap, tap any old skat to make a point no one hears,  and call out wrong when everyone sees  right, add so outta sight I go


What’s Claudio Wearing

After a long and stressful house move, I’m back to mumbling to myself on camera. Weather is much cooler so out comes my fave merino wool Moscatel jumper in the olive, matched with Fernando selvedge denim, and the La Selva utility coat. Listen here and catch up on all what’s due to come in DNA land


What’s Claudio Wearing

New collegiate jumper in Shetland wool due soon so highlighting it today. 3 colours and limited to 50 pieces total. 105€ + postage.


What’s Claudio Wearing

Rainy day what with rain and some minor issues to solve on the Cadaques polo top but sunlight at the end of the tunnel as its slowly coming together. One button and loop added, worm today with vintage military fatigues and Superga canvas sport shoe. Watch video to get the updates and info.

What’s Claudio Wearing


What’s Claudio Wearing today involves the lovely trim fit lightweight Cava knitted shirt with the white cotton baggier Fernando trouser style. A great over all contrast spiced up with the brown Bores pennies, a vintage straw beater and a neckerchief.

What’s Claudio Wearing


My new pique cotton polo tops soon ready MTO and MTM both long sleeve and short, in white or blue for starters and more colours in due time. with or without button closing. Around the 55€ mark and this is made right around the corner from here so takes the most iconic Catalan name, Josep!

What’s Claudio Wearing Wednesday

Murcia floral print shirt worn with Giulio linen trousers. Watch video to get tips on mixing tonic type fabric with casual prints

What’s Claudio Wearing Wednesday

Full summer boom means I can wear my lace up espadrilles, here where they were born. Hollywood style icons popularized them since the late 30s, and although still popular locally here, nowadays Hollywood men of course are stylistic disasters rather than icons.


What’s Claudio Wearing Wednesday

.. on a Tuesday ! Thought provoking and left of field classic 1960s casual wear, madras shorts and knee length formal socks and pennies was all the rage back then. Since Ivy style has taken the internet by storm, this is something not seem yet and so here it is!


What’s Claudio Wearing Wednesday

Royal blue 2 piece line suit with white and honey spectators and a linen stripe pop over shirt


What’s Claudio Wearing Wednesday

Burgundy and brown gettin’ it down today for a left of field outfit! check it out!

What’s Claudio Wearing Wednesday

Asti boating blazer brightens up a very sunny day! Keep it simple and subtle folks, so here are my pointers to go with


What’s Claudio Wearing Wednesday


LaSelva white utility coat beautifuly contrasts the blue Rocco linen trousers and the blue Porto tee shirt. Lopez t-straps in a tan finalize a lovely summer outfit




What’s Claudio Wearing Wednesday

Old ish linen Bassano open neck shirt from 2015, just before they became popular again, with oldish pair of Rocco wide leg trousers from 2017 (when high waist and wide leg was still not a thing) and snuff suede Goya lace ups. Piazza linen crown and silk around my neck.



What’s Claudio Wearing Wednesday

If you wear red trousers you need to tone things down so blue blazer it is !

What’s Claudio Wearing Wednesday


La Selva utility coat for today’s outfit along with Giulio chinos, Girona and and pennies

What’s Claudio Wearing Wednesday

Indoors today as I am printing out the new tees, whilst wearing an oldish DNA mustard cardigan, Rocco mohair blend trousers and loafers. Check them t shirt designs out cause they far out !




What’s Claudio Wearing Wednesday

Last cold stint of the season made it’s way back so out comes the shetland Penedes cardigan! Been a busy day today with incoming tees keeping me excited but busy; Some more updates with more cool threads to hit HQ shortly


What’s Claudio Wearing Wednesday

Blue on blue is what I’m wearing don’t you know! Put the other day’s post to the test today and really something I should do more. However there is one deal breaker, and watch on to find out what it is.


What’s Claudio Wearing Wednesday



‘Fernando’ style denim first outing worn with my old Girona floral print shirt. Spring is here and so its flowers to wear!




What’s Claudio Wearing Wednesday

My La Selva utility jacket in a cotton seersucker is the latest addition and is a great variation to the classic seersucker jackets that have been so popular. It is lightweight so much like layering another shirt



What’s Claudio Wearing Wednesday

Claudio Suggests 11

Claudio Suggests 11

I had a customer contact me asking me if I could suggest trousers to match this wonderful floral shirt, so here I choose something left-of-field to suggest an un usual but perfect match.


A short chat about DNA shoes’ history

I have been offering shoes under my label DNA GROOVE since early 2000, and by 2004 I designed the first DNA shoes. Here is a clip going over the history and the construction types and their pros and cons. Enjoy …


Claudio Suggests 9

A suggestion on how to add matching tie to this lovely stripe Girona75 shirt. It’s not always easy as coloured stripes will need some thinking though before wearing with tie, so here are some pointers and I hope they help


Claudio Suggests 8

My wife asked if I got dressed up in the dark today. Here is my explanation as to why that isn’t so …

Claudio Suggests 7

Not my preferred combination of gingham check shirt with suit and tie but think this one works well, and here is why

Made to measure service .. please read

Sartorial Faux-pas of the Rich and Famous: the bottom button tale


How  is it that one of the most elegant families of the 20th century could get such basic sartorial rules wrong? Granted that these rules are often enough meant to be  broken – after all, a good does of Sprezzatura when done correctly has never hurt anyone – but in this case it has nothing to do with the nonchalance ‘I don’t care’ attitude of Sprezz (usually aptly pulled through by those who are confident enough with the knowledge of the rules). At the beginning of the 20th century, especially in the 20s and 30’s where men where mostly wearing suits (all be it the only suit in the wardrobe), there has been plenty of photographic evidence that the bottom button on a mens coat remained fastened, despite it looking nefasto. The Kennedy’s here are a great example. Impeccable style, and yet that bottom button begs to be undone. I think it’s a fall back to it’s military roots, when all buttons were done up as it would look ‘scruffy’ or ‘insubordinate’ otherwise. Also because military gear also needed to keep you warm and thus allow as less cold/wind through.   Everyday ‘style’ later on started being much more popular as the jacket became mainstream, and used as a style piece rather than a necessity or a cultural obligation by the masses.  This ‘rule’ is there for a reason: the coat does not sit well, the button thus ‘pulls’ if it is done up as the movement of your hips and legs impede the coat to sit naturally when walking. One may legitimately ask why is it there in the first place, and I think that it probably has to do with natural esthetics and balance. I recently saw a Sean Connery film of the late 60’s and on it he too had his  grey 2 button suit all done up which surprised me (can’t seem to find a picture but here he is later on in time with the same look). Connery usually does have the bottom button correctly undone, but curiously enough throughout this particular film he doesn’t. As stated,  I think that the rule didn’t sink in until men’s coats were taken as a fashion statement en mass rather than an obligation  (post 60’s?). Just speculation on my part. What I do know is that it is one of the very few rules we are to consider unbreakable.

Unless you do up only the bottom button, but that takes us back to Sprezzatura only for the very brave.

‘Moscatell’ sports sweaters

The idea behind the latest knitwear was obviously the classic sports sweater used in the early part of the XX’s Century (tennis and cricket being the main ones). Although the contrast colours were usually of the club or school, the base was mostly white or off white (as they were originally made for sports). The style was great, but I thought strong colours could be added to the basic white, as it would make such a great accessory to sports coats!  I did away with the cable knit as it would’ve made it too bulky to wear under a sports coat (unless the coat is one or two sizes bigger), and as you can see, a plain colour base allows for fantastic colour palettes: a sage, sky blue and plain white. Extrafine merino wool in a 12 gg knit is used and the best out there is made by the great folk at Tollegno 1900 from Biella, Italy. Made locally in Catalunya in only 40 pieces total.

Claudio Suggests 23 September 2019

Texture, patterns and colour are always so important in building up an outfit, all mixing and matching something from within. I started from a red and white University stripe oxford cotton shirt  ( ) ,  and thought this green base (with red and off white loops) silk knitted tie was a great match as the green is the right middle-of-the-way shade. The red of course was the colour that tied the two items together, and as the stripes of the shirt are much smaller than the loops on then tie, these two blended perfectly. To anchor these a blue flannel sports coat ( ) seemed to be the natural choice, both for styling, the rough texture (but smooth to the touch) and not least the very subtle herringbone pattern adds to the overall style without disturbing. Once you have the top sorted, the bottom needs to be straight forward, so a light grey flannel is virtually the only choice here as you need something to contrast the dark blue coat. Shoes can either be black  (Goya in this case ) or oxblood or burgundy ( ), both equally matching the overall outfit with the oxblood adding some colour and flair. Ivy League has been a great influence to what I have done since day one, and  still now is fundamental to many items I create – and thus todays Suggestion is a celebration to Americana look loved by so many Jazz heads and Modernists alike.

Claudio Suggests 10 September 2019



The perfect roll

Autumn is creeping in even in Spain although they say we still have a few more sunny spells to come (Hey! I’m playing records with 7″ vinyl this Satruday at a pool party so hopefully summer will stick around a bit longer). I haven’t worn any cotton, undershirt and jacket in a long ass time so when heavy showers appeared, I reached for something comfortable, casual, and that has the right balance between keeping me dry, warm, and looking cool. The Girona25 OCBD (Oxford Cotton Button Down) shirt in the classic plain white is my go-to shirt in these cases. Even though I will most probably see no one today out here in the woods (besides you lot reading), this shirt, a Barracuta G9, heavy weight 15 oz raw selvege denim baggies, and my trusty Botero boxing boot is all I needed. When everything looks kinda plain and standard, it’s the collar roll that makes the difference and this one is outta sight! The collar lining is very fine and detaches after the first wash, so a soft natural roll is all that shines out from the plain white. Sure you have the fine details such as locker loop, dipped back collar with back button, full front and back sewn pleat, mother of pearl buttons and the rougeness of the 140 grm oxford cotton – but its the roll that shouts out ‘hell ya!” and gives the on looker a bad-ass first impression. Made in Barcelona, currently available in a few size (more to come), check it out and get yourself a wardrobe staple.

Claudio Suggests 19 June 2019

Brief but important clip on how to match a pin stripe suit with ties and shoes.

Claudio Suggests 29 April 2019

Lovely Asti stripe sports coat is suggested this time along with how and when to wear it – have a look!


Claudio Suggests 26 April 2019

It’s a lovely Asti coat, Goya shoes and racing gloves and how to tie them all together


Claudio Suggests 23 September 2017

Suggestion mix matching coat and trousers keeping an eye on texture, colours and fabric weight


Claudio Suggests September 2017

Suggesting a lovely Piccolit suit in a Prince of Wales check


Let the Sun Shine In

Singing a Georgie Fame cover hopeing to get some last summer rays before the Autumn


Prince Buster tribute

White Summer


Chatting about wearing white shoes with a suit – I think it can be done following certain pointers

Man sandals

Man sandals are not for everyone, and indeed these are the only ones acceptable in my opinion. Like them or loathe them, here they are



IN this clip I’m demonstrating how a casual sports jacket can be paired with shorts despite of innitial doubts one may have. Keeping it lightweight, casual and unstructured is the key here.




Using natural fibres and quality leathers will keep you naturally cool in the hot summer months



Claudio Suggests 27 August 2014

Lightweight silk, wool, mohair and linen combine the base for this summer casul look that works on textures, patterns, colours and weights. Loop collar shirt is worn outside the odd jacket as this style allows one to do so, and overall a good suggestion for looking cool on a warm summer evening or during a lovely day about town


Claudio Suggests 26 June 2014



Corduroy lilac semi – bags start this suggestion and will be adding colour to colour for a late 60’s vibe.


Claudio Suggests 27 May 2014

Claudio Suggests 6 November 2013

Claudio Suggests March 2013

Grey and blue although usually can be quite bland here I try to add some suger and spice and think over all out come looks fine


Claudio Suggests 16 June 2012

Stripes, checks, paisleys; linen, wool, cashmere and silk. All in one outfit is a bit dareing butcan be done and here is how. Please note I suggest clothing which is currently for sale and so make due with what is available


Claudio Suggests 19 January 2012

Flannel gingham check sports suit matched with merino wool polo neck top and seude loafers. Just make sure you keep those collar point tucked! Only one piece made in size 36″ chest … just my size!



Claudio Suggests 14 November 2011


Heavy on the shirt, soft on the remaining outfit. So when a dark pink striped tab collar shirt is used as starting point for this suggestion, I decide to go for a dotted dake blue tie and dark blue suit to match. Dig the dark brown chukka boots instead of the more obvious black lace up oxfords



Claudio Suggests 19 september 2011

Here I suggests a dark suit with white buttons, unsual choice of colour for buttons and here I will give some insight on how to land on your feet.



Claudio Suggests 10 June 2011

astel coloured summer outfit is what I am suggesting for a cool Gent in hot warm climes.


Claudio Suggests 19 april 2011

Lovely knitted top designed by author Paolo Hewitt matched with flannels and driving boots topped off with DNA harrington. Great mid season wear


Claudio Suggests 4 february 2011

Mix and matching checks is always a fave of mine so this is what I’ll be suggesting this time around. Lovely tan jacket with pink overlapping check matched with a gingham white and blue check shirt, wool tie, brown trousers and spectator shoes – very busy but over all tres dandy-cool as far as I’m concerned.


Claudio Suggests 2 January 2011

heavy wool trousers in a brown and white dogtooth pattern with orange overlap check are matched with flannel wool brown 3 roll 2 jacket. Some colouring to the accessories complement this first suggestion for the new year


Claudio Suggests 1 December 2010

This clip will be suggesting this beautiful heavy weight flannel wool cream suit with tan overlapping check. Have tried to liven it up with a sky shirt and then added a dark colour to put things in prospective. Works out well be me so how you like it.


Claudio Suggests 8 October 2010

Heavy weigth tweed off jacket with 3 roll 2 buttoning; 2 ply sky based shirt with brown and blue stripes; heavy weight beige trousers with blu overlaping checks; burgundy brogues; silk square. Winter cool!


Claudio Suggests 23 August 2010

Wool and silk blend pink, white and sky check jacket is used as a base for this suggestion. I have matched it with seersucker white and pale pink patterned Bruno trousers, white Taormina collared shirt, silk dark blue tie and burgundy loafers. A purple silk square is added to brung out the pink checks and add some extra flair. See you at the aperitivo!


Claudio Suggests 27 July 2010

Lightweight odd jacket, orange shirt, beige bernuda shorts and coloured suede driving shoes. Think the coloured shirt and shoes allows for a plain light coloured trousers rather than a more obvious choice of dark coloured trousers to contrast the light jacket.


Claudio Suggests 12 july 2010

An odd match including checks, stripes and colours. It can be done I’s tell ya!


Claudio Suggests 17 June 2010


Double breasted suits are usually used in a somber, ceremonial way, so this time I tried to be more daring with different colours & patterns.

Claudio Suggests May 11 2010

Beautiful slim fit harrington jacket matched with raw heavy weight selvege denim and brown lace up boots


Claudio Suggests 30April 2010

Beautiful dark brown Recioto styled linen suit, paired with brogued LAZIO spectator shoes, Taormina tab collar shirt, silk knitted tie and a few tasty accessories. Ready for some summer peacocking?


Claudio Suggests April2 2010

A customer reminded me just how beautiful this Chianti odd jacket is: silk and cashmere blend, herringbone pattern in blue and white – love it to death. So here I use it along with silk beige Bruno trousers, pink and white oxford cotton BD shirt, soon to be released Toscana loafer. Et Voilà!


Claudio Suggests March 7 2010

Needed to upload a suit on the website so thought I’d catch it on camera. Recioto styled suit matched with brown suede brogued boots.


Claudio Suggests 02 January 2010

This is the AMARONE styled-suit, bum freezer coat jacket, 3 roll 2 collar, high waisted STEFANO style trousers. MAtched with a purple and white striped Taormina shirt, blue silk tie and brogue shoes. Elegance with a hint of peacock – ness !


Claudio Suggests 17 december 2009

Ok – let see how this works out: I’ll put myself infront of the camera instead of hiding behind it. thought i’d try something different so bare with me. I hope I get better as we go along.


Claudio Suggests 25 october 2009

A beautiful light brown checked odd jacket this week will be matched with a heavy weight beige trousers and toffee coloured cord shoes, the brown and beige shading is contrasted by a burgundy merino wool knit top and cotton socks.


Claudio Suggests 25 july 2009

Here I will be suggesting a linen checked odd jacket along with beige trousers, tab collar shirt, red silk tie and suede red driving shoes! Talk about breaking the rules! Hope you enjoy it…

Claudio Suggests 27 May 2009

Finally getting back on track with this – sorry for the delays. Please take these light heartedly and as one can see these are done very lo -fi, with much improvisation. Just want to get some ideas and suggestions out to whomever may be interested. Hope I can get these on a weekly basis from now on.

Claudio suggests 27 11 2008

This weeks suggestion involves heavy wool club checked trousers matched with a merino wool 3 button collared knit top, cord button up jacket and brogue boots. Casual smart look which will always work for evening out or a day at work



Claudio Suggests 12 November 2008

Beautiful tweed ‘Passito’ suit in a dark burgundy colour with lilac and pink window payne check; ‘Venezia’ styled shirt, cashmere chester coat, suede ‘Siciali’ shoes.


Claudio Suggests 24 August 2008

This week I’m suggesting a light coloured pin stripe suit. Something out of the ordinary but still subtle if worn properly


Claudio Suggests 11 August 2009

This week I’m suggesting dark blue dry denim jeans, hi collared button down shirt in pink and sky blue, pink socks and dark brown and white full brogues. Smart casual outfit that may rise some eyebrows but works well in my books


Claudio Suggests 07 August 2008

Hot weather here so its bermudas again. DArk blue cotton bermudas with cuff, knitted makò cotton, long collared polo top with lilac and dark brown piping, and slip on dark brown driving shoes.


First ever ! Claudio Suggests 29 July 2008

I am an italian men’s clothing designer and run my own internet based clothing label focusing mainly on quality, attention to detail, sharp, italin made clothing. As of this week I will be regularly suggesting some outfits taken form my current stock of clothing.


Smart living in CLean circumstances 2007

Another promo clip in lo-fi but high with cool emotions! Filmed in my home town of Vicenza, Italy, my good mate amnd smart dresser Andrea striding around the lovely city whilst waiting for his spare shirt to be cleaned!








Cruisin’ Italia!

I had my Lambretta SX200 1966 MOT’d on the same day it was actually made Sept.29 1966, which just so happened to be my wife’s birthday and the actual day of filming (2004)!


My good mate Jeff LeFroy was visiting so we got filming!


Old DNA promo video

Here is an old promo video  I had made in 2005, just some good friends and an afternoon of fun. Admitingly lo-fi but was one-of-a-kind for its day!


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