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Claudio suggests

Claudio Suggests 6 May 2019

Claudio Suggests 29 April 2019

Lovely Asti stripe sports coat is suggested this time along with how and when to wear it – have a look!


Let the Sun Shine In

Singing a Georgie Fame cover hopeing to get some last summer rays before the Autumn


Claudio Suggests 27 August 2014

Lightweight silk, wool, mohair and linen combine the base for this summer casul look that works on textures, patterns, colours and weights. Loop collar shirt is worn outside the odd jacket as this style allows one to do so, and overall a good suggestion for looking cool on a warm summer evening or during a lovely day about town


Claudio Suggests 12 June 2014

Small gingham checks with large plaid checks solidly held together with solid blue. This suggestion is about starting simple and adding colours and patterns as you go along


Claudio Suggests 6 November 2013

Claudio Suggests March 2013

Grey and blue although usually can be quite bland here I try to add some suger and spice and think over all out come looks fine


Claudio Suggests 16 June 2012

Stripes, checks, paisleys; linen, wool, cashmere and silk. All in one outfit is a bit dareing butcan be done and here is how. Please note I suggest clothing which is currently for sale and so make due with what is available


Claudio Suggests 19 september 2011

Here I suggests a dark suit with white buttons, unsual choice of colour for buttons and here I will give some insight on how to land on your feet.



Claudio Suggests 19 april 2011

Lovely knitted top designed by author Paolo Hewitt matched with flannels and driving boots topped off with DNA harrington. Great mid season wear


Claudio Suggests 4 february 2011

Mix and matching checks is always a fave of mine so this is what I’ll be suggesting this time around. Lovely tan jacket with pink overlapping check matched with a gingham white and blue check shirt, wool tie, brown trousers and spectator shoes – very busy but over all tres dandy-cool as far as I’m concerned.


Claudio Suggests 2 January 2011

heavy wool trousers in a brown and white dogtooth pattern with orange overlap check are matched with flannel wool brown 3 roll 2 jacket. Some colouring to the accessories complement this first suggestion for the new year


Claudio Suggests 23 August 2010

Wool and silk blend pink, white and sky check jacket is used as a base for this suggestion. I have matched it with seersucker white and pale pink patterned Bruno trousers, white Taormina collared shirt, silk dark blue tie and burgundy loafers. A purple silk square is added to brung out the pink checks and add some extra flair. See you at the aperitivo!


Claudio Suggests 27 July 2010

Lightweight odd jacket, orange shirt, beige bernuda shorts and coloured suede driving shoes. Think the coloured shirt and shoes allows for a plain light coloured trousers rather than a more obvious choice of dark coloured trousers to contrast the light jacket.


Claudio Suggests 12 july 2010

An odd match including checks, stripes and colours. It can be done I’s tell ya!


Claudio Suggests 17 June 2010


Double breasted suits are usually used in a somber, ceremonial way, so this time I tried to be more daring with different colours & patterns.

Claudio Suggests May 11 2010

Beautiful slim fit harrington jacket matched with raw heavy weight selvege denim and brown lace up boots


Claudio Suggests 30April 2010

Beautiful dark brown Recioto styled linen suit, paired with brogued LAZIO spectator shoes, Taormina tab collar shirt, silk knitted tie and a few tasty accessories. Ready for some summer peacocking?


Claudio Suggests March 7 2010

Needed to upload a suit on the website so thought I’d catch it on camera. Recioto styled suit matched with brown suede brogued boots.


Claudio Suggests 02 January 2010

This is the AMARONE styled-suit, bum freezer coat jacket, 3 roll 2 collar, high waisted STEFANO style trousers. MAtched with a purple and white striped Taormina shirt, blue silk tie and brogue shoes. Elegance with a hint of peacock – ness !


Claudio Suggests 17 december 2009

Ok – let see how this works out: I’ll put myself infront of the camera instead of hiding behind it. thought i’d try something different so bare with me. I hope I get better as we go along.


Claudio Suggests 25 october 2009

A beautiful light brown checked odd jacket this week will be matched with a heavy weight beige trousers and toffee coloured cord shoes, the brown and beige shading is contrasted by a burgundy merino wool knit top and cotton socks.


Claudio Suggests 25 july 2009

Here I will be suggesting a linen checked odd jacket along with beige trousers, tab collar shirt, red silk tie and suede red driving shoes! Talk about breaking the rules! Hope you enjoy it…

Claudio Suggests 27 May 2009

Finally getting back on track with this – sorry for the delays. Please take these light heartedly and as one can see these are done very lo -fi, with much improvisation. Just want to get some ideas and suggestions out to whomever may be interested. Hope I can get these on a weekly basis from now on.

Claudio suggests 27 11 2008

This weeks suggestion involves heavy wool club checked trousers matched with a merino wool 3 button collared knit top, cord button up jacket and brogue boots. Casual smart look which will always work for evening out or a day at work



Claudio Suggests 24 August 2008

This week I’m suggesting a light coloured pin stripe suit. Something out of the ordinary but still subtle if worn properly


Claudio Suggests 07 August 2008

Hot weather here so its bermudas again. DArk blue cotton bermudas with cuff, knitted makò cotton, long collared polo top with lilac and dark brown piping, and slip on dark brown driving shoes.


First ever ! Claudio Suggests 29 July 2008

I am an italian men’s clothing designer and run my own internet based clothing label focusing mainly on quality, attention to detail, sharp, italin made clothing. As of this week I will be regularly suggesting some outfits taken form my current stock of clothing.


Old DNA promo video

Here is an old promo video  I had made in 2005, just some good friends and an afternoon of fun. Admitingly lo-fi but was one-of-a-kind for its day!


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